Pulse Bass (test unfinished) by Unknown

Heres a test for what might be part of my next song any tips would be nice
pumpkinsandtears (rnote)

It’s pulsating.

I know I just wanted to call it that

Sounds like a heartbeat. 3/5

Until Sheet 2, it sounds exactly like someone’s heart beating.
I give it 5/5

thanks CetlinAijra

and the sound of a heart beat was what I was going for.

It’s okay. I just think that it sounded good until sheet five. The random tempo slowing down kind of seems… random. I like the pulsing heartbeat sound and the green synth sounds, though!

I did that so I could go into a different sound. 1-4 is sort of a build up 5-6 are a transition trust me it will work