Punk O matic 2

Can be found on newgrounds

Uhh, I think that’s the wrong link… lol.
But there’s a number 2? Sick shit, I’ll have to look for it.

Ok, Ill just tell everybody its on newgrounds.

COMPARED to notessimo, Punk-o-matic fails…

Its completely different. theres even a “Guitar hero clone” built in for what ever song you make. plus its so much easier to make a at least ok song. not as much freedom in that area though.



Punkomatic does not suck! Notessimo might be so amazingly better that nothing compares to it, except fruity loops, but that dos not make punk-o-matic suck.

ok… make a song on punk o matic and pass to me, i wait to listen it


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I can’t even make a good song in notessimo, how the heck do you expect me to make one in Punkomatic?



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The problem with punk-o-matic is that it’s too user friendly. The reason it is so well known is that it makes you feel as if you did something. You can basically do anything with it and still make something sound good. It’s basically notessimo except it doesn’t require any skill what so ever. My friend would literally be on that thing for 5 minutes and come out like “OMFG RUBEN!!1! LOOK!!! I MADE TEH BEST SONG EVAR”. Congrats dude, you know how to rearrange preset riffs and beats. GOOD FOR YOU.

I’ve made a few bad songs on that tehe.

But there’s over 9000 riffs in facePOM 2

Hardly an achievement.

Hey, Fails can be accomplishments.

Then you must have a huge collection of achievements.

I have a feeling, that I can feel deep down in my heart, that I have been pwned.

It’s a feeling you’ll soon get used to.

I think POM is a good game… but see :

Punk o Matic < Notessimo