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I have a few songs now, and I feel like they have the potential to become really good, but I’m just not good at manipulating notessimo to get the sounds I want. any tips on making my stuff sound better?

if you want to do more intricate songs, try doubling or quadrupling the tempo so you can get more sounds and types of beats in. For example, at 120 tempo, you aren’t able to put in 32nd notes. you are restricted to sixteenth notes and up. However, If you double the tempo, you are able to fit in 32nd notes. This also means doubling the note length. (quarter=half, half=whole, 32nd=16th and so forth). For me, putting in the percussion/drums first help me to keep going on a song. otherwise I would get bored of it and not finish.Explore different genres and then stick to one.

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Try to use panning if you don’t already.

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Try Collaborating with other members.

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I actually write music at half or quarter of the speed I want it, able to hear everything that is going on better

Interesting :slight_smile:

i’ve done that with fl before, in fact i’m doing it for a song i’m working right now.

i don’t do it usually, but it’s a fun way to make a song.