i think this needs more upgrade: they should do microtones so we can play microtonal music

Many non-12 tone equal temperaments are difficult to notate and therefore the interface that would be used for this would be complicated and hard to get used to.

No I think we need eighth-tones.

No we need sixteenth-tones

Can`t you just change the tempo speed for whatever your talking about =L. Common sense.

Apparently he doesn’t have it! Haha.

No, just kidding.

Its funny because everyone is like “blah blah quarter tones blah blah chords rifts blah blah,” and im like,“what the f*** are you saying?!”

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Derp, I would suggest looking up quarter tones… they are like half flats and half sharps… you can’t get them by changing the tempo…

It’s when you put notes in between the vertical lines and spaces.

Uhm… no?

Oh I meant horizontal lol. And you can add sharps and flats to them.

What the crap are you talking about?! O3O

It’s the note between C and C# or B and C or A and A#

Sigh, I feel your pain Yellowtail.

I think I’ll just stick to normal notes myself

None of this C-almost-# stuff :P


you mean, C half sharp, D half Sharp and so, think about microtonal instruments like the quarter piano

And you can just combine 2 differently played notes to make something sound cool anyway.

think about more keyboards like the Derpsichord or the quarter harpsichord, but we even use microtonal synthesizer and a 31-tones organ, or buy a fretless guitar/bass, or a very expensive synthesizer like the Roland Juno-Gi or the Moog Minimoog.

DERPsichord you said derp LOL. AHAHAHAHA ROFLs on the floor.
P.S im not offending you in any way it`s just derp sounds funny.

or think about the special organs, try to fiddle with a pipe and the organ will sound a 1/4 tone higher or lower