Question about the "Only one account per person" rule

So I registered with this account name like 2 years ago, and only used it to play around with the editor, never bothering to save anything.

Now I’ve come back, hoping to be able to create the music for my pages of lyrics I have. But I kind of don’t like this username anymore. Before I re-registered, I saw the rules thread, and it said one account per person, so I’m now stuck with this username unless I can get some kind of permission from a staff member to create a second account to use instead of this one.

Would I be allowed to, or am I stuck with this one? Better yet, could an administrator change my username to what I would like it to be?

Uh, the administrator kinda abandoned us, so a name change is almost impossible. And about multiple accounts, I don’t know if it’s allowed, but I’m sure it’s fine.

That kinda sucks about the admin abandoning you guys. The least he could do is return and make a couple of you mods admin to help run the forums better.

I also don’t really think anybody would mind me making a second account, because this place doesn’t look very active at all.

Well, the majority of the active people are mods, mainly because of spambot posts.

I see.

BTW, there’s one running around right now, starts with a P, don’t remember the rest.

also doesn’t look like the songs coming out aren’t plentiful.

Yeah, there aren’t a lot of people making songs. There were at least twice as many songs last year.

This place should be more active, it’s pretty awesome.

Would anyone mind if I advertise around on other forums?


…Yeah sure, that’d be great!

Cool, I know a couple good places to go to.

I’ll see if I can get a couple more people here.

Please! I’ve been going very lonely these days… Mostly because I can only expect 1-10 posts a day, and I’m practically the only member left here! Everybody’s a mod! T.T

Infinite accounts for you! =D


I see you guys really want more people. O_o

Well, Minecraft forum thread, Terraria forum thread, someone beat me to the Incredibots (doubt most of you know what that is, besides me, Rainbow Dash, or TheAshenKnight) thread, and maybe I can find a few more popular forums to make a thread in.

Nice, hopefully these will pull out attention.

And awesome! You play Terraria!

Yes I do. It’s pretty awesome, can’t wait for 1.0.5 update.

And I also made a few posts on Twitter, but only 3 people are following me, and I’m pretty sure 2 are spambots. x]

Thanks a lot!! I hope we get noticed.

Almost everyone who uses the internet has at least played that once.

Not really. I’m a moderator on the forums there, it’s not near as active as Minecraft or Terraria.

I’m sure a lot of people have just tried it once, or a few times.


Which makes me think, how many of you guys have an account there besides me, TheAshenKnight, or Rainbow?

Also, mxbmnn (forgot his name) and Fighterlegend also made an account, but they don’t come often.