QVX 797's Song Thread <<NEW: Home Stretch>>


Newest Song: Home Stretch

This is a list of my completed songs/previews so far. [As of 19/12/2015 (DD/MM/YYYY)]

Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Ascension (WLT)
A Random Anomoly Within Some Unknown Restricted Area No-one Can Even Access…At This Current Time…Which Is 4:47am… (WLT)
Kinetic Pulse (WLT)
Lurking In The Dark
Watery Grave (WLT)
Moonlit Sorrow (WLT)
Idk… (WLT)
Final Fight (WLT)
Tear It All Apart (WLT)
Falling Apart (WLT)
Zenith Of Energy (WLT)
Waiting For A Purpose
The Void (WLT)
Untitled 4 (WLT)
Falling Apart (WLT)
Rebirth Teaser (WLT)
Coming Home (WLT) (FAV)
Above The Clouds (WLT)
Extinction (WLT) (FAV) (NEW)
Tales Of The Lost (WLT) (FAV) (NEW)
Spectral Sentience (WLT) (NEW)

Rearrangements of real songs/Covers:
Warmness On The Soul (Instrumental Cover) by Avenged Sevenfold (WLT)

My songs that have been remixed:
Epic Triumph (WLT) - w/ Muselline, remixed by Fire
Final Discovery (WLT) - w/ Muselline, remixed by Fire

Other songs remixed/redone by me:
Breaking the Sky’s Limit (Unfinished)

Finished Songs:
Everyone starts somewhere right :expressionless:
Beginning Of The End
The Cave (WLT)
The Cemetery (WLT)
Death Train (WLT) (1ST)
Deep Thought (WLT) (It is almost the same as Falling, just slower…it seems like a completely different song…)
Delusional Ruins (WLT) (Rock with a slight techno-ish beat)
The Desert (WLT)
Drowned (WLT) (Well, i named the song badly…its like after someones drowned and is sinking to the bottom)
Echoes (TEST)
Egyptian Tomb (WLT)
Endless (Part 1)
Falling (WLT)
Final Showdown (WLT)
Going On…
Heartbeat (WLT)
Heartbeat 2 (WLT)
The Last Thought
Low Profile
M-aLfu-nCC-tIoN-N (WLT)
The Nearing End
Paradise In Space
Running For Their Lives
(The) Shadows (WLT)
Voices Of The Dead (WLT)

Starting to improve here, and i got my first (solo/original) feature!
Deception (WLT) (TEST) (It’s more of an experiment to show the true potential of a riff…but whatever…
Drowning (WLT) (FEAT) (Funnily enough, i disliked this song the more i listened to it, i loved it at the time though)
Fruity Omasum (WLT)
Ritual Of Darkness (WLT)
The Rodeo (WLT)
Tranquility (WLT)

This was a pretty good year for me in general; a lot of my favourites were composed in 2012.
A Rupture In Time (WLT)
Robotic Amalgamation (WLT)
Hunter Vs Hunted (WLT)
Resurgence Of The Night
The Cursed Sands (WLT) (FAV)
The Forgotten (WLT) (FAV)
Death’s Command (WLT)
With All My Heart (Old Version)
Victims Of The Sand (WLT)
Psychotomimetic Phantasm (WLT)
The Dilapidated Halls (WLT) (FAV) [Rock Version]
Time’s End (WLT) (FAV) I spent way too much time on this song, but every bit was worth it.

At this stage i started doing more conceptual stuff, and most of the year i was working on Rebirth: A New Life, hence the lack of songs (Alongside year 12)
I Don’t Care Anymore (Old Version)
Orifice Of The Corrupt (WLT) (FAV)
With All My Heart (Final Version) (WLT)
I Don’t Care Anymore (Final Version) (WLT) (FAV)
Living Scrapyard (WLT)
The Efflorescing Dragon (WLT) (FEAT) (FAV)
V3 Hype Train Set:
-Scratch Beat
-Odd World
-Organic Festivity

The year of unfinished/unpublished songs; trust me, i have a TON of stuff saved…(I also started uni, so i also had less time)
Rebirth: A New Life (39 minute concept album) (WLT) (FAV)
-Prologue: The Betrayal
-Melancholic Twilight
-Cyborg Enclave
-A New Life
-Rise From The Underground
-Don’t Die
Nothing Left (WLT)
Life (WLT) (FAV)
True Friend (My absolute favourite song, also my 5-year milestone) (WLT) (FEAT) (FAV)

…and so it continued, but i still tried :frowning:
The Ghetto (WLT)
Beyond The Horizon
Drowning [Remastered] (WLT)
Home Stretch (Race Theme) (WLT) (NEW)

Songs with other Notessimakers (Collabs) :roll:
Epic Triumph (Made with Muselline) (WLT)
Final Discovery (Made with Muselline) (WLT)
Overcome (Made with Muselline) (WLT) (FAV)
Revocation of Self (Made with ixsetf) (WLT)
Ataraxia (Made with Karo (Malice) with some inspiration from Starwars [XD]) [Extended Version] [Slow Version (Extended)] (WLT)
Neoteric Flow (Made with Muselline) (WLT) (FEAT)
Rebellious Machinery (Made with Karo (Malice) with the initial idea from Scourge) (WLT)
Escape (Made with Scourge) (Majority done by Scourge)
Everything’s Fine (Made with GCVL and TFB (Krawkyz) (WLT) (FEAT)
The Unknown (?!#$E-R&%RO^R!4) (Made with “No_one”) [I know who you are] (This song was simply amazing though, great collab all around) (WLT) (FAV)
The Depths (Made with Clearwater Sapphire) (This was probably my favourite collab overall, the whole thing just felt like a journey in itself) (WLT) (FEAT) (FAV)
Coercion Of The Violent Variety (Made with Slippy)
Crystalised (Made with Antonim) (Amazing ambient song) (WLT) (FEAT) (FAV)

In Progress:
Please hellstick…it’s almost done :frowning:
Test Subject XN-999 (Yellowtail/QVX)
Shake It Up (Made with Antonim) - 80%
Spectral Sentience - 10%

w/ ixsetf 20%
w/ ixsetf 15%
w/ Dark Chameleon 5%
w/ Fireball7548 10%
w/ Octoviator 30%
w/ Roastmasters 15%
w/ Starwars [XD]: Star/QVX Collab 75%
w/ Kamarai 15%
w/ Kamarai: Splattering Upon The Face Of Composer’s Block 60%
w/ Aliens: Pentagram: Last Update?
w/ Teddy: End Of Days -Wow this was a complete mess.
w/ Cartrox:
w/ Clearwater Sapphire 20%

Circus Of Doom (TEST)
Evil Castle (loop)
(The) Jungle
Party Loop
5:04am (WLT)
Festive Beach
Time Is Running Out
Hideout 1

Coming Soon: (In order of earliest to latest start) [All approximate values]

  1. The Preview Song Dump of 2015 - (In the next 10 days)
  2. The Electronic Bong (It’s still going :D) - 60%
  3. Final Fight - 30%
  4. Extinction - 30%
  5. Tales of the Lost - 60%
  6. Shake It Up (Collab with Antonim) - 75%
  7. The Last Christmas - 10%
  8. Spectral Sentience (Name subject to change) - 10%

Abandoned Songs:
It’s a Trap!

Lost Songs:
Desolate Echoes
Ascension :’(
Fight to the Death

Inspirational ideas that i can’t think of a way to use:
These songs are free for you to grab, and to do whatever you want with them. I only ask for a mention if you did use one in your song somewhat directly.
1 [Rock] (This was made as a suggestion to slip when we were considering a collab…neither of us could come up with anything so it never happened…unfortunately)
2 [Metal] (This was the 3rd idea when i was using a certain style of mine… (Aftermath, Failure, This) except i never got around to adding to it and it was somewhat heavier)
3 [Metal] (Completely random idea…but it sounds kinda cool :smiley: i was going to make a metal song with fading guitar effects…but stopped at that for now)
4 [Rock] (I was going to make a rock-ish song…but it would never have been finished…so i just did this XD)
5 [Other] (Random…)
6 [Other] (Sounds kinda creepy…)
Random Drumming 1

(WLT) = Worth listening to (the better songs, the others are still good too though).
(FEAT) = Featured Song.
(FAV) = My Favorites of the rather large bunch made by me.
(NEW) = My most recent songs.
(TEST) = Songs that are either Practice songs or Test songs (Note: They probably aren’t that good…).
(1ST) = My very 1st (proper) song.

Random Notes
-My drumming skills have been improving lately, I thank ixsetf as the collab with him made my drumming better :smiley: [18/10/2010]
-My style has been changing alot…i seem very unpredictable…and i’m onto a new one (Ascension, Cursed) which probably means another group of abandoned songs :confused: damn. [26/6/2011]
DC has posted in my thread: Once :smiley:
-All of my stuff is practically unfinished/unpublished now…i need to change that… [19/12/2015]

Finally, ANY feedback you have whether good or bad, just tell me, but say why if you don’t like it…

License Disclaimer:
These songs are owned (or remixed by) QVX 797.
Copyright (C) 2011 QVX 797.
These songs are under certain protections : you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License or
any later versions.
This means you may not redistribute it under your name or anyone-else’s name other than QVX 797. Any remixes of QVX 797’s music must have his name listed as the original author in plain sight for viewers of your work to see.
All Illegal operations that you do can and will be brought against you in court.
See this for the license: Licenses - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation.

Did you ask a mod before creating this thread?

yes, i said it was cool with me.

oh btw i do encourage feedback, if you have any please share :roll:

well i was bored so i decided to make a heartbeat 2…it probably needs improvement of sorts…
but tell me what you think

Wow that’s long!
I like the drums.

Yeah the drums are usually the best in my songs…
And i’m trying longer songs now

The Shadows

Wow, that was just epic work with the drums. I also liked the sheets of super fast metal guitar when it faded out and back in (sheets 14 and 15?) Overall, you’re certainly improving.

That was pretty awesome! As SW said, I love the fading! PS I’m your 100th view to your thread.

Thx, that means ALOT coming from you
I’m starting to run out of ideas though
i’ll probably think of something…

It’s a good preview! At first when I listened to it I was a little wary of the B’s in bars 3, 4, 6 and 8 but … I don’t know.

its quite hard perfecting a piece when its at hyperspeed, it has to be that fast though because of where some of the notes are…

Protip: Use a calculator.

what for? i have a brain…LOL

He must mean for doing calculus or somthin… otherwise it would make no sense

How dare you mock my calculator?

It was something i couldn’t really think of a way to finish…so, i made it a loop…

I think you should start using other drums instead of just bass drum #4 and snare #5. Experiment with different sounds.