QWX/Hellstick Collab by Hellstick/QVX

Spent little less then 2 hours changing notes and adding effects here and there. You might not be able to hear much of a diffirence in this one compared to the last version but hopefully the overall result will be a bit better with these tweaks:)

Not sure what i think of the melodies though. I couldnt seem to get em exactly how i wanted them to:/
Ill probably have to tweak it a bit more… Not now though, cant be bothered working on this anymore today …

Lol now poeple are using my effects, well Hellstick at least.

Are you reffering to the tambourines?

There was a song similar to this


How is this song simmilar to get hammered in any way?XD

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They’re actually very different…but i don’t mind listening to it again :D

For me sounds similar

Oh wellz. You are entitled to your opinion and i respect that…
I still dont get it though:P
Could you explain HOW you think they are similar? I am curious to know.

I could do a remix with them… but i dont have much time :S