Rainbow Tylenol - Piano Duet Cover

Yeah, Thanks to Dusty Shane for letting me know about this duet, I covered the first 5 measures just to see how it’d sound.


It sounds brilliant! You need to continue.

I NEED to?
k I will.

EDIT: Mhm. Firefox crashed, Lost all my work, I won’t do it today. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh god I know that feeling.

  1. When the site came back in early 2012, all my songs were gone. I was furious.

  2. I lost 3 of my songs in early November. It made me burst out in tears. I reported it but obviously Tsukasa didn’t give a fuck. It was a serious issue and it was just blown off. http://www.notessimo.net/topic/6771-unnamed-song/

  3. My sister closed out of Notessimo without saving.

  4. I fucked up my temporary files.

  5. Touhou 11 crashed my Mac, so everything closed out (this was very recent).

YAY! Sounds great. Please don’t crap out on this like I did.

Just read your comment about crashes, I hate that, that’s kept me from finishing about 3 songs. You can just save this here again and try later right?