Rate the Location.

I feel stupid for making this topic now.

No, no they didn’t.

5/10 Sounds scenic.


7/10 I’ve narrowed your location down to “America”.

[insert number here] /10

.dneirf ym emag eht tsol tsuj uoY

wow, epic!

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Thank you.

Aliens don’t post here without continuing the game.

4/10 Why do so many people have references I don’t get!

10/10, it’s really creepy…

9/10 Oooh, I’m terrified!

boooooooooooooooooo 10/10 halloween spirit!

Holland must be luigi’s mansion’s neibor! 100/100

10/10 Cross Academy for crosses :P

7/10 Belgians scare me.

8/10 Spookville is a city with ghosts :P

5/10. too plain

9/10 What if I only have meatloaf and cold pasta?

1/10 That’s not a location, that’s a current event!
jk, 9/10
Gee, I don’t know. Where am I?

9/10 What’s your costume?

interesting. 10/10