Rate the Signature!

Rate the signature of the person above you! 1 - 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.

10, because I said that.

10, because chatzy > skype

6- The signature is old and it’s slightly conceded to call yourself the king of anything…

Uh… I mean uh…10 for being an awesome Mod ;D

9/10 for ponies.
Ponies are already naked, you know.

How do you know that is what’s stripping? :3

10/10 for location ;D

9/10 who’s stripping then? :I

Dashie! yummy

I give yours a 9/10 because it’s Chatzy, and I am currently on a Chatzy Revival Rebellion.

10/10 for colourful wall.


8/10 because I have no idea what anime is and think that is somewhat cute.

Azumanga Daioh

5/10 for bad editing.

Oh wait, I made that. :c

8/10 for the wow in the nows


0/10. Is this one of those references to the current Human Culture?

10/10 would nabg

green ponie… hmmm… looks cool-ish, 7/10

I like that verse, a lot.

(bees is in the spoiler)

127/10. You have the best signature on this forum, Austin.

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10/10 because I don’t know anything about My LIttle Pony because everyone tells me to avoid watching it.

Edit: by everyone I mean one person at my school xD