Record button

This is a standard feature in pretty much every DAW ever. The piano keyboard inputs in V4 work pretty well; all it needs is the ability to record those inputs in real-time.

The piano also supports MIDI inputs now! I’ll try to get the record feature this weekend, should be fun and relatively easy to add.

I was thinking also that it could respect the current “snap” value.


Available now in 2022.10!

By default, it will snap to 1/32nd note, you can disable it to have 1/128th precision by toggling the “snap”
button in the upper right corner.

Let me know if it will be better to have snap disabled by default.

You can also disable the piano volume (volume icon on the piano handle) which will disable “velocity” as well on MIDI keyboard and instead use the value in the note property section (volume / pan).

Let me know also if having a separate volume control for the piano is confusing. I could rework this as a setting menu instead of purely a volume control.

There is still some more work to do for getting more precision, it * should * be accurate to what you hear when recording but I’m no musician so maybe it is off, I hope it is in a usable state.


Was only able to use the record function today; seems to work as intended. Any inaccuracies can be edited manually, so that’s no biggie.