Recovery system

I think that a recovery from computer to computer might be nice
you have a song that you don’t want to share with others yet but you want to transfer to another computer.
it would allow you so save the song in your save/load song area and when you log onto another comuter you could load the songs there.

thats my idea.

mmmm. yeah, but why don’t you just share it and, once your at the other computer, paste in the url and hit enter? And then save it. Obviously



Why would you not want to share it? Not many people actually browse through the browse.

Yeah that’s true. And if you want your song to remain a secret from anyone who does happen to look through the songs. Keep it listed as ‘Unknown Name/Unknown Artist’. At least that’s what I do.

well you could get rid of keeping it a secret. The Point really was ment for makeing it easyer to find your songs.
like if you make a song and like a bombardment of songs shares happen. Then you could like type in your name and find your songs that you have made. that was the major point of my topic. Maybe that would clear things up a bit.

ok, now i’m on CCs side

StarBurst is, once again, getting around to that. Look in the Debug section and you will see a “save as” that saves the song to your computer without converting it (as a .am file) It doesnt work yet though… But the Open file does