Redness's Songs

Ah, I need my own topic. I only have one song at the moment, though. (My old songs aren’t songs.)

New songs:
I’m a backpack -
Chocolate Rain - - This is not a song, this is a test.

Some old songs:
Pokémon Theme Song - - Old and short, but I love Pokémon.
Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca -
Scars on Broadway - They Say - - This one’s actually finished.

Well I think you have to have more than two songs to make a thread, so if you put in some of your old songs you’ll be ok.

And btw the backpack song was amazing, 5/5.

Thank you. I added some old stuff. :twisted:

Your songs are very good, I wouldn’t be able to do them. Your Rondo Alla Turca was a great version, but there was a mistake in the right-hand of the very beginning.


Holy pants! I’m A Backpack was amazing.

Thank you again.

I know the Rondo Alla Turca isn’t perfect, but it’s quite old. :confused:

Woah. I’m A Backpack!!! Woo!!! Yeah!!!