removing songs

How can someone remove a posted song?

I’m wondering this too.

Can mods remove songs?

I don’t think so, I can’t remove mine either.

neither can I. It says I don’t have permession.

Aha, figured out how. I can’t click the ‘X’ to delete it, I have to delete it through the Mod control panel. So I guess mods are able to.

Mods can do everything these days. coughdelete_my_first_three_untitled_songscough


I better not get sick

I’m already sick LOLOL

OMG Heart ty!


:roll: They are still switched?

Yeah. XD Haven’t gotten around to switching back yet.

How did you do it?

Went to the user control panel and switched our information. Only mods/admins can change their usernames though.

So you had to change your username and avatar?

And sig, and location.

Yeah I still would never have noticed if you had not told me.