Riffs And Solos by THEFinalBoss


Dear God, what was with me when I wrote that… that thing down there? It was meant to be a joke (since you are the main critic on this site, and I highly respect that.) but it just made me sound like a complete idiot. I apologize.
Sheet 0: Those drums at the beginning are too quiet. They are too simple as well. That bass riff… Repetitive. That clean guitar is only a bunch of notes.
Sheet 1: Drum beat is too repeitive. That guitar riff is too abrupt and random. And ew, high fenders! Transition is needed to the bass.
Sheet 2: That bass is too loud. Tom drum solo is too long. And those snares at the end… shudders
Sheet 3: Cymbals too quiet. Ow! Now cymbals too loud.
Why do you repeat sheets 1 and 2?
Sheet 4: Ew, more high fenders. They’re random, too, Ew, higher, higher, too high!
Sheet 5: Ew, more high fenders! Quiet, quiet, quiet, OW, YOU BLEW MY EARS OFF. Quiet, quiet, quiet, shahhhhhhh…
Overall, this is a critique of the purely negative variety. I did not include a single positive thing, and hopefully I’ve torn your first song to shreds. #hashtagYOSO. You only sting once, man. Only. Once