Rock Thread (Original)

i literally spent about 1/2 of the time on this one compared to my last one,

Heres another song I plan on writting in real life in a bit, i just find it easier and more fun on notessimo for some odd reason.
It starts out as just a basic drum beat and yet another incredibly badass bass beat, but by the last minute or so it explodes into a melodic mosh pit, containing a bunch of carefully organized chords from about 5 different instruments, hence melodic.

If you listen to the first minute and got bored cause you expect a gaint metal-palooza, at least listen to the whole thing cause 3/4ths of that 1/2 i mentioned earlier went into the last 1/3 of the song.

Fractions are fun aren’t they? :mrgreen:

Dont worry the goosebumps will go away in a few hours (hlisten)

dude, roast, enough of the bragging. its funny some times but not EVVVERY SINNNGLE POST! its not that good to waste space. your songs are good not great. as are mine. i have but a pinchful and a half of epic songs but i dont brag (unless that counts). Even if I do, it doesnt take up an equivelant of two friggin posts!

Sorry… I just unconsciously attempt to exaggerate just to be cute.

its all ok, just dont use too much space, there isnt a real limit but please consider this in the future, now that this is over, lets do some FABULOUS notessimo stuff!

Excuse me!!! I didn’t quite get that. Did you say cute? CUTE?!?!?!?! More like overly obnoxious! For that, you win tofu.

Great song Roastmasters.

but yeah, it was nice

Wait. I just looked at Heart’s post more carefully, and apparently Roasty wins something for being obnoxious. I better not question the wierd ways of the Heart.

Aww… wait … WAIT A MINUTE.


Nobody likes tofu. Looks like more of a loss than a win right there.

Hmm… New jersey, were have I heard of that place before… Oh yea, I live in it.

Is it ok if we brag about how awesome New Jersey is?

I don’t see why not. But I think we should do it somewhere else, not in this thread. Dan might get mad…

tofu refers to this topic viewtopic.php?f=6&t=387

geez, you guys arent getting me, it is tot time though, but i meant dont put a 2 and a half post worth of bragging. if its in TAS thread than i dont really care, but this bragginng is taking place in a song thread, not a bragaboutit thread.

what happened to my post here…it disappeared

My post disappear so I’m reposting it…

Shit! The google bot might be behind this!

The google bot disguised as a mod can delete threads/posts? Uh-oh. This might turn into a bad situation

eats pants

triple post and swearing ftw…