RPG Custom Soundtrack ~ Overworld ~ By CtelinAjira by CtelinAjira

Another original piece.

remove sheets 0 and 99 for infinite looping.

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In-Battle Variant: http://www.notessimo.net/page/browse/songs.html/_/notessimo2/rpg-custom-soundtrack-overworld-in-battle-variant-by-ctelinajira-r68691


Wow ! Awesome ! :D

I think this song sounds way to heavy to be an overworld theme, but that’s just my thoughts.
Otherwise, I really love this song.

This is amazing.

4/5, the church organ hurts, the rest rocks!


That’s why I tried to make the church organs softer than the rest of the instruments

This is what I like to call ear candy. And my, it is delicious.

My favorite part: sheets 11-15. I could listen to just those sheets all day. Sheets 1-4 are great, too.

stuffs klondikes into ears EAR CANDY!!!