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I am going to make a notissimo version of Billy Talent’s greatest hit, Fallen Leaves. But to me, it sounds like a group project. Post if you want to help.

notessimo.net/?id=1229 Beginning of the End

4 chorus. 5 verse. 10 final chorus.

Verse 1
It’s something that mends.
It’s just the beginning of the end.
All of us are trying to win.
Keep us away from them—?
We’re ending this momentarily.
Voices getting louder gradually.
We’ll be around the bend.
It’s a matter of time…before
the Beginning of the End.

Stay still perfectly,
it’s getting closer to me.
Not what we depend.
Beginning the End.

Verse 2
Keep your head high.
Look in the sky!
You see your faith.
As time goes by.
The water’s getting warmer.
It get’s deeper------!




notessimo.net/?id=1335 Inveitable Dipolema (finishned)

A fast-paced, solo fazed, action packed and 2 minutes long!
Listen to it. And I don’t think I got either words right. Dipolema or Inveitable.

Ah ok, here’s the finished version lol
It’s pretty cool. Good job.

Be amazed. Melancholy! notessimo.net/?id=1361
I keep using links cause I forget how to embed it on the forums.

notessimo.net/?id=1706 (unfinished)

notessimo.net/?id=1786 A bit fast though.

notessimo.net/?id=2011 Unfinshed


Hey, somethings wrong. All sharps and flats, most of them disappeared? What the heck? This could be a big glitch.
My song dosen’t sound right!

cool song ???.


?id=4067 -The Journey Home (unfinished) (My Theme)
?id=4001 -Reality (Techno)

I like Reality, except for the choir thing at the beginning, i get totally lost with the beat and it doesnt fit the drum part, the rest is really good though, keep it up

I noticed. Ty Tyberious.

You’ll know it when it’s done.

Amazing Grace! Ta-da!

The Journey Home has like a Latin Begining and a Metal Body i like it

your Style should be called Latin-Metal

Thanks Cartlon. I like Nights. My favourite song you made.