Sadness and Sorrow by Zel(DarkDave64)


:__ This song should be featured

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this is the saddest song i ever heard :’-(

P.S. they would make a variation of it in C minor & this one is in E minor D:

I love this song! Great melodies! The song sounds hopeful for me.

This sounds like something I heard on an episode of “Naruto” some time ago.

i think C minor sounds sadder than E minor

;>A<; So amazing.

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I dont think the key matters that much, anyway, i can imagine this song i a movie when a guy just broke up with his girlfriend and he’s trudging through the rain to rebuild his life

it is from naruto.

5/5 from me. I’ve never Seen Naruto But I DO know it’s pronounced:

Na-Ru-Tao NOT NarOO- Tao


this may sound crazy, but this song puts me in a serious mood, not a sad one. I feel that songs in a major key, done right, can be way sadder than minor keys. This song sounds like the build-up to a war scene or final challenge in a movie to me. I know that may seem off, but thats what I see in it.

:*( got me. I’m almost crying right now. This song ironically made me think about death and those that I’ve lost that are close to me.
I would like to say this.
Death is not something to be afraid of, or not the thing itself. We fear death almost all the time, when we should only be fearing one thing: fear itself.
Sadness is something we classify as “crying” or “sorrow” etc.
Death is sadness
Sadness is your heart’s death

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Lovely cover.

I did not know this was from Naruto. DarkDave should have said it was a cover.