Scary Stories!

I don 't know who wouldn’t want a scary story topic but then who dosen’t like telling scary stories?
Sure, I may be 12 but I’ve told a few scary stories that I’ve madeup on my own that got some good results. So If you got a good scary story, something shocking you’ve expirenced or something fictional (THAT IS ON-TOPIC OR APPROPITE) go ahead, tell me. Scare me with a good story. I want you to make me cry, make me an insomanic!

And remember! HAVE FUN!

So… I was walking around school and there is my old math teacher mr Dick Schwab… VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY SCARY!

this is true i swear to all of you. A couple years back, I woke up, went to the bathroom and there was writing on the mirror and a REAL handprint that matched NOONE!!! the writing said to leave…

half asleep still much



no, i really am serious! why dont you believe me!?!?!

Probably because it sounds pretty hard to believe… even I don’t believe it.

My friend told me that he lost his homework and had to go to the “Haunted Hallway” (lol) so he went there and found it. But he remembered about his old friend that “Died” there.
So he ran, grabbed it, and heard a “gunshot”.

On the other hand, the guy probably said
“Bugger! I missed”

So he lived happily ever after

the end.


i know its hard, but you have to believe! I believe DJ’s I dont believe in bloody mary…

my friend told me that one.

I kinda believe DarkDan’s one but it’s kinda strange

Wanna see something that will totally scare the crap outta you? Type in "Harlequin Ichthyosis " on Google Images.

Wanna see something even more scarier than that? Go to youtube and type in “Demon Baby 2” on the youtube search bar.

Woah… that Harlequin Ichthyosis disease is awful!
I don’t really feel like looking at the others at the moment… (supposed to be) doing homework at the moment.

lol, me too!

Yeah…I should REALLLY be doing my homework right now

I remember one time, when I was 6, I told the scariest story ever.

Once, there was a vampire who turned into a tree.

I’m serious (about telling the story, not the actual story)

EDIT: Just looked at the Harlequin Ichthyosis images. That is scary! I wonder how much it hurts to have fissures in your skin?

I haven’t even begun to show you what scary is. Have you seen any shock sites? THOSE are scary.

So in an old yellow house, looked harmless, mostly was but it still had a story and the story spans quite long because of side stories that have to do with it but the main story was that in this house an old married couple lived and the wife had cancer, so one day the husband couldn’t take seeing his wife in pain and shot and killed her instantly then shot himself.

Years later my family moved in and in the dining room covered by a carpet was a hole in the floor, that hole was created by the bullet that went through the woman’s body and through the floor. (Apparently she was on a stretcher or something at the time of her death which is why the bullet went through a floor and not a wall)

About 2 years after being in that house one day my brother and I went to the kitchen to get food from the fridge and I look down and slightly underneath the fridge is something that looks pretty interesting so I pick it up and say to my brother “Look at this” he looks and we both come to the conclusion that it might be a bullet, we weren’t really all that sure so we went to my dad who said it was a bullet and asked where we got it and I said under the fridge (He didn’t really believe me at first cause we have no gun and have never had one)

So even to this day we have no idea how the bullet got there.

ooo spooky. I have a few ghost stories, but they’re not very scary. Also, if you want to find a haunted place, come to Ohio. There are plenty of haunted places here.

Here’s a good one.

You just won a mansion but there is no bathroom.