Scenes From A Hat

This is taken from the popular TV show from both the UK and USA, “Whose Line Is It Anyway”. A prompt is given and the performers have to come up with witty, weird, or funny responses to that prompt. For the game to work well in the forums, quote the post with the prompt and then give your response so we know what you’re answering to. (I wish there was an easier way of doing this) When we hit a new page, a new prompt is given by any member. Please try to keep the NSFW stuff to a minimum please. No more than two responses per post. Thanks! I’ll begin with the prompt on the following post

Prompt: Rejected name ideas for Notessimo:


Antonim V3: Deep Cover Fellow


mario paint 2

What was going through Timothy’s head when composing music:

a railroad spike

“today i will cause problems on purpose”

“I’m gonna sprinkle some organs here, a dash of bass drums, a bass, and… OH YEAH. 300% volume. now to name it something weird.”

“arf arf arf arf arf… arf arf arf!!!”

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