Scourge's Theme

first off, i didnt like the song that much

the guitars in the first place didnt sound right, then you added more unorganized buisness

then you have a drum beat that dosent fit the song AT ALL

also, everything was repeating untill the end

2/5 at most

Hey, that’s okay!

Not everyone gets metal, but thank you for being honest.

Your intro is quite progressive in nature. Done well a progressive intro can work well, but here it failed to intrest me.
Your first instance of the electric guitar annoys the crap out of me. I never have liked the sound of a single note overlapping a chord…
Then we move onto sheet 0. I think you should have cut out sheet 2 and started with this. It has way more potential for a buildup and capturing your audience, first impressions are everything.
Then sheet 1. You move back to the start of sheet 0, which loses some of the buildup for me. Luckily I love the drum beat here!
Sheet 3… Same thing again, but with one note higher up added, this is getting boring fast…
Sheet 4. YAYAYAYA there we go, something fairly beastly! But its too quiet… and then you move away from the riff and do a fade in thing, a bit disapointing, but okay…
Sheet 5, oh good that fade in went into something pretty sweet! I am not disapoint.
Ditto for sheet 6.
Sheet 7… meh… just chords over and over Was hoping for it to get beastlier somehow…
0-4 again… (except for 4 until the last half of it again, the fade in was sorta annoying this time)
Sheet 9. Not bad, but the chords got annoying after awhile, and then you go back into that one part that you seem to have on the last half of like half of your sheets.
Sheet 10… same crap again, with strats… no… just no… doesnt sound very good, and I can’t really enjoy the strat either.
Rest of the song… is disapoint…

I give you a 3.6/5. It definitely needs some work. Quite a bit of parts don’t sound very good, and it bored me cause there was very little change. Nothing really flashy, nothing that truly draws you in. Heck I think you need a solo for sure to break stuff up somewhere in there.

It’s a theme, It always repeats. I made this a halloween edit, which in my mind, was horrible, considering the face I don’t do halloween. If notessimo had vocals I could make this so much better.

Great! now grade V2!

lol this song was taken off the front page,