Shadow Sweep (unfinished) by The

This is just what I did today. I’m gonna work more tomorrow. I figured I’d let you hear what I have so far. Stops abruptly @ sheet13

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Some of that was very cool but the “slides” from not to note sound out of place in the biginning.

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11 and 12 were epic. Also I agree with George, the slides don’t sound that great. Otherwise a very well made song.

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Yeah I’m gonna take em out.

Marimba needs to be louder. I actually liked the slides, except for the last one.

Some of the relationshipss between melody and chord were just odd.
The drums were too loud. Way too loud.
The new melody introduction had a large volume change. It was probably because the synth and piano played the same part. I would suggest lowering its volume a little.

add more notes & instruments please, the bass is good, the piano is lovely the drums are OK the synths are fair, but i love the slides very much, but it gets a 3/5