Share Help...

Please, can someone help me with this?

Alright, I haven’t technically been on Notessimo in nearly 2 years, and I need some help with remembering things.

I need help with how to share songs [the “Share” button in Notessimo’s creator does not work]…

I also need help with how to post links. ><"

Thank you for helping me~ (hlisten)

Well since these coming updates the share button has been kind of… broke… for lack of a better term…
The only way i know of sharing a song is
File → Save as… →
find a place to save your song and type in “.note” after the file name then click save

Go to songs here on the website and click the corresponding category your song is in and there should be an “Add song” button
click that and then select the “.note” file you just saved

To post links just copypaste the link from the url bar at the top on your song’s page

Does that help at all or would a few screenshots help?

That helps!!

Thank you so much~


Okay, um, wait…

What file do I use for Thumbnail and File…?

Sorry, I’m sort of confused…

Select the .note file for File. You don’t have to do anything for Thumbnail.