Sharing got Bugged!

I have made a song, I saved it in local and in computer, but I can’t share my song! It is something very weird!

Hi! The share button doesn’t work. To share your song, you have to first save it on your computer (File > Save As…) and then go here ( and upload it. Let me know if it works!

I remember when the share button DID work… Good times…

Not good times. In those days, the Browse section was full of crap; a lot of people would spam-click the share button for no good reason, littering the Browse section with empty “songs,” nonsense and earrape.

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It happened before the great layout change… And when hypo was alive…

The link worked! Thanks for the help. Oh and I have a feature to request: vocals. If you can, you can add a Vocals tab and put on a vocal syllable (don’t forget it must be editable!)


That’s sounds an awful lot like Vocaloid. I think you should be able to do that with the sampling feature tied into Notessimo v3 (it wouldn’t be the same process by a long shot, but it would be the best imitation I could think of at the moment). Actually integrating editable vocals with syllables wouldn’t make sense because: 1.) If the syllables were pronounced in English, there would be many problems trying to record the large amount of samples and to seamlessly string together the syllables (it would be much harder than syllable-based languages like Japanese); and 2.) It’s too much work for Starburst for too unsubstantial, too niche a result.


Isn’t this like, the 100th time this topic has been posted?

I meant editable in the meaning of, that you can edit how the syllables are written, not recorded.

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Should this be locked?