Sheet properties

As you may be aware, click-holding a sheet on the sheets display brings up a dropdown menu, like so:

My proposal is to add an option to this dropdown menu that displays the properties of the selected sheet in an overhead bubble. These properties can be modified within the bubble for added convenience.

You could also explore the addition of other properties, such as fine-tuning the position of the sheet, copying the properties onto another sheet, etc. (these features were present in v3, so I see no reason to not bring them back over)

Consider also displaying the overall sheet properties on the sidebar to the right – if a sheet with different properties from the set overall properties is present, it could be indicated with a star or some other marker.

V3 also allowed you to use your own samples and instrument icons. If it doesn’t have it already I want to see that feature get carried over in V4. I also want to see support for adding and recording vocal tracks so that we aren’t stuck using instruments for vocals in songs that have them.

You can upload .wav .mp3 and .ogg samples as instruments and you can use custom icons by clicking ‘Custom Upload’ above the icon in the icon picker, which you can access by clicking the pencil by the icon in the edit instrument menu.

You can add vocals by by uploading recorded samples like I mentioned at the very start. There is a 500 KB limit for instruments though. This is enough for a 30 second sample at 128kbps .mp3/.ogg or a 15 second sample at 256kbps .mp3/.ogg.

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