Show me how to transpose please?

If an Alto Sax’s piece is in the key of F. (aka piece of F# and C#'s) Would that go for the same for every other instrument? For example, a trumpet?

I’m trying to work out a song, but it just doesn’t sound right in some measures (22 thru 25 & 33 thru 37):

I’d be very much liked if you could lead me to the right direction!!! Thankyou.

If you actually have the sheet music, you’re going to have to do some transposing. Every instrument in notessimo has been programmed as a C instrument, even the ones which --in reality-- are not. For the example you gave of trumpet, you’ll have to transpose everything up a whole step to put it from Bb into C (assuming you’re looking at music for a Bb trumpet). The reason that it sounds weird is because you’re mixing the keys of F and Bb, which don’t go together very well (in my opinion; I haven’t studied music theory ). If you play around with transposition for a while, you should be able to come up with what you want. Hope this helps you get the results you’re looking for!

Wow that’s pretty much useless. I hope they’ll fix this in the BETA version upon releasing. Seriously, I thought this was supposed to be an improved music programme!

I play Alto Saxophone, by the way. I always had this small theory in the back of my head that these are all in the keys of C.
Ugh… I’d probably be a good idea to re-transpose everything from scratch, because Alto sax was WAY TO HIGH to start off with.

Pain in the arse!!! :sad emoticon:

EDIT: Alto Sax is Eb btw, not F.

After being told that this game has instruments all programmed in C for SOME reason, I question to you all:

How exactly do you transpose given from sheet music?

Example: An Eb saxophone’s G# would = ???
Please show me!

Can you work out this and transpose the Alto Saxophones piece? I have it written exactly as it appears on the sheet music, so it’s in Eb. How would I get that to C?

i would probably move it down 1 1/2 steps

Just find the number of half-steps between the key of the instrument and C.
Alto Sax is in Eb
to get to C you need to go 3 half-steps lower
in that case, G# would need lowered 3 half-steps
G# → G → F# → F

Okay. Thanks.

EDIT: Wait, wouldn’t it be 3 half steps higher? 'Cause C > C# > D > Eb?

that is what i said just i said it more simply

Wouldn’t it be 3 half-steps higher because C → C# → D → Eb

EDIT: I also revised it. Can you check if it’s all right? It sounds fine to me.

EDIT2: Lol trumpets… Ugh. I’ll probably have to transpose that too even though I didn’t use goddamn sheet music.

No. It is not 3 half steps higher. It would be 3 half steps lower because you are going from Eb → C not C → Eb.
Now if you were doing Bb, like a trumpet. Here is from Bb to C: Bb → B → C
2 half steps up

Do I even have to transpose it? I didn’t use sheet music for it!

Kinda confused here. The alto sax’s piece was in the key of F. Does that go for every other instrument too that’s not a C instrument?

I say this because the trumpet’s music is in the key of F(?) when it’s a programmed C instrument when in reality it’s actually Bb!!!

it would be coll to select the tuning for the instruments, but it’d probably be a lot of work for Starburst.

First of all YAA ALTO SAX!!! YEEE, now back to this,Hm, well if it’s writen in F Means you have a Bb in the key signature, So You’d have to transpose that key down to the concert scale, so you’d go down three semitones, So from F > E > Eb > D, and you’d have to do that with every note, say you have a Bb, got Bb > A > G# > G,I think, I’m not very strong wit htransposing though

I think the guy who posted this was hoping there would be a auto-transpose feature

I agree lol, but it’s really not that hard to do by using just your musical knowledge, and it would probably be really hard to add a transposing element in the game, of course I have no idea when it comes to programing so I wouldn’t know, and it would probably be a pain for those who don’t know about transposing and such

its on tuxguitar, but thats open source, so they had many people to help. If starburst did it, he would have to do it alone

Yeah, Starbust COULD try to implement that into the game somehow, but I think it’s best if it stays like that cause if people don’t know about the different transposing, and they just want to add a certani note on a sax sound they would most likely be confused