So, apparently I'm not technologically advanced enough to make an text picture

Story time:
Me and my friends have been getting anonymous emails from a “Yuan Monos” and today he sent a picture that consisted of pure text. PURE TEXT. And he sent random email with it that I don’t care about, too but irrelevant. So one of my friends replied back saying the person could be one of three people in the mailing list, because they were “technologically advanced enough to make it”. I wasn’t one of them. I am not technologically advanced enough to make this:

I am not technologically advanced enough to create THAT TEXT IMAGE.

This made me mad, mainly because the three people that were listed probably couldn’t even make that at all either.

Also, if you feel like it, mess around with the image, someone’s bound to figure it out.

You do not need to reply to this topic, just felt like posting today’s events.

Opened with WinRAR, too lazy to figure out riddle2.txt password. Have fun if you want to do it


I bet you are wondering who I am and by the way it is my friends and I not me and my friends

Please do not ruin this site for me Kaab.

The image is not working, maybe that’s why you’re not technologically advanced enough. d:

Yeah, I noticed that, the second reply by me is the link to the image.
I can never get this ‘embedding images’ thing to work quite right.

Well they have to be an image format, eg .png, .jpg, .gif etc. Just seems like the site you hosted them to doesn’t use those formats.

It always works for the first few minutes, but after that it just stops working…