So I hear I'm missed around here

Good news for those that know me, I may be coming back after my long, and unexplained, hiatus.
Really love how the new site looks and everything. Amazing job as usual, Starburst. :slight_smile:


perfect arrival time too! new player, new site layout, V3 coming soon… welcome back.

Yaaay!!! You definitely have been missed!

welcome back Kd. :slight_smile: I don’t know if you know me or not, but I, and the whole Notessimo community, missed you, most certainly!

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We welcome you back / to the community with / arms widely open.

I REMEMBER YOU!!! (I’m xXLink41Xx)

Omg what the freak all the ded peeps are coming back to life.

MOAR BABIES FOR MEH (even though I’m ded :wink:

Eh, I’ve gotten over you like years ago Kd.

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I must not have been a memeber when you were active. But welcome back either way!

He’s been here for awhile


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I’ve only seen your old posts and never actually been online the same time as you, so you won’t know me.

hi anyway

You should totally make one of these threads too…