So, uh... this place dead yet?

Yeah, it’s me, that guy that made shitty arrangements of songs using pretty much the green synth thing, woo

It’s been 2 years since I’ve been here and I just kind of wanted to pop in and see what’s changed… aaand, not much, apparently. Is pretty much everyone here a blue name (whatever that means)? And what happened to v3?

Blue name means we have access to V3. If you ask for V3 in a status update, a mod will give you the blue name (however, I think Star might be the only active mod now).

As for the initial question, not quite, but surely not to the point it once was.

One word: Inhale!

the site is hanging on by a thread compared to it’s previous level of activity

but v3 is very real

We need someone like Pewdiepie to sponsor us

^that’s the last thing you’d want. 10 year olds running rampant posting earrape and minecraft shit in threads thinking they’re funny.

so do we wanna keep it dead or having stuff like that?

I just answered your question

I mean, it’s not like half of notessimos content already exist of dank memes, right?.. right?

Weren’t you supposed to be leaving?