Someone downloaded my song?!?

the song sucks and someone downloaded it…

OMFG,are you kidding me?!That song was awesome sauce!!!


Roastmasters- 2.5 downloads
Guitarskillz- 1 download

I win

AND I got a 10/10 review so bonus points

You know, I wonder if any has downloaded mine and totally remixed it. That would be awesome but yet, totally cheating. I’m actually gonna start to allow permission unless they ask for it on the forums or PM me.

HA! I have a 5 star vote! And I have one more download than you now!

When you search “Moon” in the newgrounds audio portal, out of 904 songs, mine is the first to show up.

I feel so fucking accomplished it’s not even funny.

What’s with the video? It started off as an awesome face, and then turned into …

could someone delete this!?!?!

he is a firen his laz0r.

mine has 152 listens and a 10 star review. and 9 downloads! beat that!! (even though you wrote the 10 star review, lol… or should I say lololol)

2 people have downloaded this so far.

Are you sure it wasn’t yourself that downloaded them?

I don’t know, I have like 20 different files of that song. maybe I did