Sonfax the Explorer's Chatzy Revival Thread

Recently, Chatzy has been abandoned. Let’s try to get back into Chatzy!

Attempt #1:


Okay then.

Skype 5evr.

Attempt #1 lasted a total of around 30 minutes, making it a failure. Attempt #2 coming soon.

Sorry guys, I only think Skype 4.5evr.

Chatzy must be revived come on guys don’t you remember when I got a medal for speaking with perfect english the first day I was in there? And then muse was all like: “I"m playing snapples” or whatever that game was called and then everyone was all like talking and stuffs. We must revive this!

It was Swapples.

Or you could just get Skype.

Chatzy is better.

I agree.

I agree, but there are more people on Skype anyway.

Attempt #2:

Come to Chatzy! It has more colors than Skype. Skype only has blue and white.

Skype has avatars.

You can still post images into Chatzy. And it shows a small version of the pic. What does skype do? Show a link.

People use Skype.

I would be on chatzy but the people who are trying to revive it aren’t even on when I go on.