Song Uploading Fail

I’m Trying To Upload A Song, But it keeps saying “an error has happened, please try again…”
If I Find Out How, I Will Post My (By Far) Best Song Here. Four minutes, five seconds, is it too long?

We’re well aware of the issue, and it’s being discussed here.
Try searching the forums before making a topic, you might be addressing something that someone has already brought up (such as this one.)

And no, 4 minutes isn’t too long. No song is really “too long” as long as it’s worth listening, I guess.
This topic will be locked, read the previously mentioned thread, preferably the recent posts, for info about the whole deal. To sum it up though, it’s a lost cause until our faithful leader returns to fix things. >.>

The share button is broken right now

EDIT: Dang it, I got ninja’d.

Kd: Muahaha.

Odd, I just got a id=-2 and it keeps coming up. Happening to anybody?

There’s a 10 song per day limit.

im loged in (George C. Van Liew) and when i share my song it goes under Guest… (i have 5 of the same songs out there, but under guest, sorry :D )


Try keeping a tab open of the forum? Or clearing all board cookies at the bottom.