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I took a couple songs I made in notessimo, and made them on sony acid pro. Right now, I have fruity loops so I’m going to try to do something with that.

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and the never before on notessimo shared

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anyone else can do the same if they want. All you need is another program and hypercam.

this is stupid. So your basically saying that Notessimo is bad, and we should get better programs? Which mod approved this?

You have to admit it’s not as good as other programs. But it’s still much easier to use.

Also that Notessimo song is good, xenon. I can’t watch Youtube though (won’t load).


Where did he say that? He hasn’t actually said, “stop making things in Notessimo and switch to a better program”, if you’ll notice, he said that he made them in notessimo first, then covered them in whatever. That’s the point - not to belittle notessimo (although it does pale tremendously in comparison to the likes of FL etc), but to simply transfer them to a different medium so that we can appreciate the differences.

I’m not saying I approved this, though - I feel that maybe it’s in the wrong section (perhaps this forum is best reserved for notessimo exclusive songs), although it does share a certain similarity with threads that do belong here, seeing as it is based off the songs in this section. I’ll leave it to another mod to decide whether to move it or not.

Also, I tried something like this once (when the share was broken so nobody could release any new music) but I kinda gave up after a while 'cause I realised my efforts were terrible. I was kinda new to Fruity Loops and rather ambitious at that point. Though I may try something like this soon, seeing as I’ve gotten a bit better with FL recently (if anybody needs any help, maybe I could put up a video tutorial or something?).

Yes please! I need to know how to make a song like your Bendy one.

I was just saying that by putting them side by side it was trying to show how much better it sounded in fruity loops, and that this really isn’t something that relates to Notessimo. Also if you have different programs why not post it on their forums?

Sorry, but isn’t it universally accepted that FL is much better than Notessimo? Because it is, you know. People know this - yet they continue to make songs in notessimo? It’s almost as if they’re just composing here for fun, without wanting to bother about all the fuss and complication of a professional audio workstation!

Also, how can it not relate to notessimo when the songs being covered are notessimo songs? That’s like putting a cover of a band’s song on their forums, then the band saying “why’d you put that here? Go put it on another forum, it doesn’t have anything to do with us”.

I put one of my songs I made in FL once up on their forums. Trust me, they’ll bite your head off if it isn’t 100% perfect. They gave off at me for not equalising all the instruments to their own unique bands of frequencies, not having enough balance between the speakers, composing too much in the treble and not in the bass, the quality and tones of the individual drums and instruments, the composition structure and chord progressions… the list goes on. Lets not kid ourselves here - none of us are professionals, it’s all just a bit of fun.

I like FL Studio.

If you have any questions on how make certain effects and use tools I can help you, I’ve been figuring out what everything does for quite some time now.

We had a thread for this already:

Scroll down some for DC’s post.

Posting songs remade in other programs


It turns into Remaking songs in other programs, page 2 DC’s post.

FL studios is a pain in the ass to use. I’m to much of a pussy to risk getting caught pirating cubase, and everything else is blargh.


EDIT: Someone cover this song. It would sound godly.



implying Cubase’s interface wasn’t designed by mentally retarded spastics, making it about as easy to understand as the inner workings of a Saturn V rocket

FL Studio is cool

FL studios is awesome, you just have to spend some time learning what all the different things do. I’ve only spent like a month or two just playing around with it and not looking at any tutorials or anything and I can already make virtually any sound I want.

2 months? o.O

I now see why I can’t use it.


Anyway, I was thinking of financially crippling my parents for christmas and having them get me FL studios 9 since I can’t find anywhere to yar har diddlee dee it, which version would y’all suggest?