Songs that should be finished

Couldn’t think of a more innovative title.
also not sure if put in correct forum section.

Paste songs that should be finished here.


Someone should reply to this.

basically all of my songs

Obviously several songs of mine.




If this thread is going to do well you need to be dedicated to adding everyones suggestions to the first post to create a comprehensive list. It will help avoid people saying the same song(s) again and again - if they read the opening post that is.

Anyway, personally the song that I was working on that qvx 797 helped out doing the drums really should be finished. It’s at suitable song length anyway so it’s pretty stupid that I didn’t just slap on an ending. Last time I checked its out there as BLURPADURP by your mum

Also you’ll have to put up with people like me not bothering to find links. Otherwise this’ll probably get a few responses and then because noone want to read the entire thing to see if a songs already been mention it will fade out.

Just my $0.02

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You’re telling us you can’t find this in your content?

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No, I just didn’t want to bother.