Sonic 1 Sega Genesis - Green Hill Zone 16-Bit V3S Final

The final revision to my V3 Standard SEGA Genesis cover of Green Hill Zone.

Added another octave to the bass in an attempt to replicate the tone of the bass used in the OST. Fixed some note issues that Dre/Dreadstump mentioned in my previous version.
More tweaks and volume changes have been made.

Square Lead is still out of tune. Have you tried going into the sample tab and fine-tuning the sample rate?
Sheet 5 bar 1: EP starts on Cnat, when it should be Bb.
Bar 7-8: bassline should be G2-D3-G3 / G3-E2-E3-F2-F3-F#3-G3.

I’m all for compositional accuracy, but you’ve attempted this song, what, 5 times now? Wouldn’t you like to explore something different?


I am not inclined enough to mess with the tuning settings so I left them at defaults. I have listened quite a bit and can’t quite tell that it’s messed up.
Also I forgot about the EP on Sheet 5 bar 1, and the bassline on Bar 7-8. I will fix those right now and re-upload.
Actually there are 4 versions of which I posted updates on:
Game gear/MS V2
Game gear/MS V3 standard
Genesis V2
Genesis V3 Standard

This V3 standard cover is my last Green Hill Zone, but I was thinking about making a Generations version in V3 standard. If it does happen, since I will need to look at your V2 cover that is based on SuperNintendoGameboy’s, I will be giving credit to you