Well I was wondering, on my computer (set in the Volume Control which is in Windows) I put the little wave slider to the far side because I found out some sound is distorted unless I do that. In Notessimo the sound is slightly different whether the slider is in the middle or at the edge. I was just wondering what you have it at so that I know what you’re hearing.

I have no idea what “wave slider” your talking about… if its the pan slider, it changes which speakers its on.

EDIT: oh, on the master volume… thats still panning for that specific output…

Yep what do you have it at, gs?

I’ve never messed with it.

So is your sound distorted when you hear someone speak on say YouTube?

Maybe you just have crappy speakers.

I have the worst speakers I could find, It still sounds good. The cheapest ones were $10… I’ve been using my ear buds lately, though.

Well I don’t use speakers. So I guess I should just alternate between the slider in the middle for Notessimo and the slider at the end for watching a video. :twisted:

You don’t use speakers? Then what do you use, earphones?


Ear buds work well to kee[ everyone from not getting mad at you for it being loud, but I have to have my pc backwards to use it.

Yeah it would be difficult having your hands reversed when typing.

Correction…1 earphone…

the sound has always been fine for me…

Well this issue has been kinda resolved, it was just that one of my computer speakers was broken.