Sparks, but with a proper swing beat

Recycled post.

I left the nylons as they were for comparison. It’s easy to miss the subtle rhythm in this song without a trained ear, especially since it’s a very slow beat.

Still, coolplay does a really good job with the chord progression, so props to him for that.

Original cover


Why does everyone want to collab with tfb?

He asked me personally, and I gladly obliged.

The only person who has asked me to collab is QVX - I’ve asked everyone else.

Loving the melody!

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Because he’s good composer… Great song btw.

This is easally going to be one of my favourite songs on notessimo.


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Love the song, has a very Goldeneye feel to it.
It’s just really solid, you can feel a big struggle going on here.

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fucking kill me