Spooky Test by Verbists Ghost

Time for some New Year Spooks (credit to carrot for his Heartbeat Effect,his organ Glissando & his Ocarina Slide) Even the Synth Vox Effect is his together with his Orchestra Hit Effect & His Blast Effect (i just remixed them) Credit goes to Aliens for his Creepy Harpsichord. WARNING: MY EFFECT WITH THE BLASTS CAN TORTURE YOUR SPEAKERS SO LISTEN TO IT SOFTLY (Another credit goes to carrot for his Am6 arpeggio with the Male Vox), but i made another effect with my claves Followed by my Spooky Effect with my Vibes. The Rhodes are spooky too since if i putted them low, they were out of tune & they sounded spookier. I think Carrot & the Zaxx made another Effect with the piano on 1 line, i use it too so credit to them! WARNING #2: MY RHODES EFFECT ON SHEET 4 IS THE SAME LIKE IN 1 OF MY STORIES (TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME BECAUSE IT CAN EVEN TORTURE YOUR EARS AND SPEAKERS) The Blues with my Orchestra Hit on sheet 5 is like from PREPARE FOR GRAVEYARD, SO thats why that sounded spooky too. Together with sheet 6, that was still near the graveyard so thats why i made that spooky part aswell. My Low Rock Organs, sound spooky too when they are low Pitched. My Clavinet #1 slide is expanded, because it can do a Downslide too, so thats why i made a Magical Effect. On sheet 8 i accompanied my ocarina with my Vibraphone (on my Darker Spooky Test i accompanied the Ocarina with my Electric piano) My Xylophone lick on Sheet 9 sounds spooky too, because i made a spooky melody (my Vibraphone Arpeggio sounds not spooky enough, but i tried my hardest) My Industrial Techno Test had that Bbm13th i remade with my Synth #2 + i made a Pinewood Builders Form with my Synthesizer #3. Sheet 10 sounds like a collab Ace made with THEFinallBoss or like one of CtelinAjira’s Covers. Here were even sounds Aliens & Kabob340 would use in their Effects collab. Sheet 14 is such an Error’ish song, so credit to Aliens! Sheet 15 sounds like my Darker Spooky Test (original one had Percussive organs) Enjoy if you dare,Tell me whats in your mind, My Creepy test with the organs & with a Rhodes #2 arpeggio & my Spooky test with Acoustic Guitar #1 accompanied by Clavinet #1 were both liked by Carrot, because i tried my hardest on them. What i can tell more about Sheet 9 with that Vibraphone is it = thats inspired in my Xylohone o Rama (when carrot made a cool Dubstep song from it) This sounds quite random so tell me you favorites, rate my sheets, (but put bad comments on my ending because i hate it) That Classical Coverish thing for Church Organ, i even made it by my song: Another Spooky Test #3, but raised a whole tone & messed up with my Measure 9. While TFB & Carrot hate the Heartbeat effect now since i use it, i cant stop putting it in. (My test with SFX even had Carrot’s Heartbeat Effect) Kabob340’s song: Heat, even uses That Heartbeat Effect (while my 11/15/2012 story even used His Heat effect & my 11/29/2012 to 11/30/2012 story used the Damant Spectrum Harmonics, but with no Gb or F# exapt for the harpsichord) I tried do Cover a SFX: Game Over, You Lost all 3 Lifes, but Kabob340 made a better one. What i can tell more about Sheet 14 is that it sounded like Kabob340 (former times SuperPickle2) his song: Error (that sounded very fun with sheets 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 & 32 to 33, while the sheets 19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,34,35,36 & 37 not sounded very well) although that, i like that song too. What i can tell more about sheet 8 is: that the last chord on the vibraphone is even synchromized with the ocarinas, Ab6 is such a nice chord. What i can tell more about sheet 9 is, I tried to cover that spooky song from 101 Dalmatians which was played in a game where you had to search the puppies, but fail! Sheet 15’s Measures 7 & 8 made the Harpsichord sound spooky again. Do you listened to my Happy New Year Metal? It even used a Creepy Harpsichord & a Creepy Fret originally created by Aliens Exist =3. My Spooky song #10, my 11/29/2012 to 11/30/2012 story & my Happy New Year Metal had a low pitched creepy Vibraphone.
My Hit The Soul & My Dancing Pianos even had a Vibraphone, however: Those are my Jazz songs (I would make a better Jazzy song somewhen later) My 08/03/2012 Story, when i made my 2nd visit to TECHNOPOLIS even had a Low Spooky Vibraphone to simulate that music Fence from the Do Garden (like in Memory Garden & Synth Garden, but without ‘Memory’ or ‘Synth’) My Guitar Spookers & Organ Ghosts had a Phrygian intro, but i converted it to Aeolian when my Intro ended (Teddy liked Sheet 1 because it had Structure, Musicis liked Sheet 5 because of my Jammy Synth Shredding & Lars (aka. TRB) liked Sheet 7 because of my nice Experimenting with the chords on my Church Organs, he & Musicis though my intro was too long, so thats why i agreed with them too. What i can tell more about Sheet 7 is: That i wanted to make a Spooky Clavinet too. Enjoy if you Dare :evil: :mean:

the description is big as a friggin story


After a while, it wasn’t spooky anymore.

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