"Sprite Crusade" (this is so old) [V2] [Collab with Holtreande] by Holtreande (Muci as credited in the song), Clearwater

So I was looking through my old songs and found this unfinished collab. I then stalked looked through Holtreande’s content and found the most updated version of it.

Last updated Aug 26 2013 12:59 PM
i’m so ashamed

Not really finished but yeah kinda finished. I just need to get this off of my conscience since this is one of a few collabs I’ve dropped the ball on coughcoughQVXIknowI’msorrycoughcough and I actually kinda liked this song. Mostly “finished” out of guilt.

I wrote pretty much all of the end way back in 2013. I just tweaked it so it is now listenable. Holtreande, you’re free to edit if you wish.

Here’s a cute unrelated image:


This is really great :smiley: 5/5

It’s all good, it happens, i technically have about 10 collabs still going at the moment…
Makes them all the more exciting when they start up again :stuck_out_tongue: