Stay classy geek squad.

[ ... be-illegal](

Wow, you’ve got to be kidding.

Why didn’t they have this when my grandparents gave me a SNES? It took me a whole 5 minutes to get it ready by myself, so (uhh…carry the 1, subtract the 3, add (x-y+3♀) and divide 3y by 6) it would have taken 23 minutes for them (Geek Squad) to do it, and for a small fee of $129.99 to compensate their efforts! If/when I get a ps3, I will be sure to call them up and and demand that they help me install it. I’m serious.


They should make you an teacher of grammar.

LOL i saw that on newgrounds…and wow $129
sounds like a rip off
I think ill just hook it up myself…but i dont have any kind of playstation anyway


Aww, man! the high five was too small, and my hands too big to give it a high five…

My screen’s bigger now and I can high five it.

Thank you for necroposting just to show off your screen size. :stuck_out_tongue: