Stealing Songs Is Wrong, Reply if your song has been stolen!

Stealing songs is wrong on!
Don’t do this kind of crap!


Oh, and my song add it up has been stolen!


What do you mean by that? :twisted:

Do you have proof that your song was stolen?

song-46226 stolen song…
song-45018 real song…

I don’t get what’s so real about this.

It’s not like it is being sent throughout the whole community… :confused:
[or noticed at all xD]

Hm, looks like your song isn’t the only one that person has stolen. (He stole my Paranoid >.<)

What do you mean you don’t get what’s so real?

Is he sharing it to the public?
Is he famous for making the songs / stealing?
Is he getting anything out of it?


Lots of people steal eachother’s songs, there’s no point raising awareness to prevent it. And it’s not as if the stealers are going around saying “this is my song”, they just put their name as author.