Strictly piano (post your piano pieces here)

This song is kinda fast so pay attention!

plz comment and construct your criticism


oh yea and good job on getting your post up at exactly midnight

i will like this fourm, here is my song Endless Time

i like both of those songs but they were kinda repetitive

well, anyway,
this is fur elise by beethoven, i’m learning it for a piano recital soon and i wondered what it would sound like in notessimo,
i used the electric piano because it has a softer tone which i think suits the piece better and i had cut of a part at the end because it went to high so the end is kinda weird

i also think it sounds better when i play it

that’s a very good job 8-)

i could do this on an actual piano

Mad world piano cover.

Ill finish it when I feel like it

Listen to the studio version the drummer really does some stuff like that


I will never finish this whether I want to or not.

Another really good piano piece I found on the Browse section. Unfortunately, its not strictly piano, but creator of this thread hasn’t been on forever so whatever.

Bringin’ this topic back again cuz I found another amazing piano piece in the Browse section. Not sure if its original but sounds really good (Its 11 minutes long )

That sounds like Nico Melody.

Unbelivable! 11 Minutes! Bravo!

This is a moby song.

It’s Strictly piano but i do have male and female vocals but the piano is the main part of the song.

eh i guess ill bring this forum back too…i have something that MOSTLY fits here

not strictly piano…but 1/2 the things here arent anyway (hlisten)
basically…somewhere around 98% piano XD

well here it is
nothing great tho

lol another double post for me…no one likes to post after me…even if i wait like a week ROFL (or even longer )

well here is another peice i made…inspired by my failed R/B/Y Champ battle…i got stuck on a part i couldnt get right…it didnt sound right…page 5 is pretty much that part…lol…i also say ppl made it…so there went 1/2 my motivation ROFL

well here is this…not all that great but its not bad

the unknown

Great song, Kamarai. You’re rapidly improving The intro of the song was kinda slow, though. But I really liked it when you sped the tempo up to 300 bpm. Good job

Psst…Buddy…news for ya. I have a song called the unknown too…

Wait…whats a weskkilo again?

Ecossaise by Ludwig van Beethoven
Feel free to remix
By the way - use more also other lenghts of notes (yes, I know that switching them is boring)
Great job, Roastmasters! You don’t use just quarters (hlisten)

PSST UNKNOWNED…its kinda obvious that your would have a song called the unknown…YOUR UNKNOWED!!!

well yours is probably 100 times better though (hlisten)