Strobe (Live Ver.) UNF by Deadmau5 arr. Larrot Guy

The original is by carrot./leife but carrot. gave me permission to finish it (I did not no that leife was also involved w/this song…). Its not done, but iwanted to get this out b4school starts back. Also, I remixed the drums on sheet five from the original


Good, but sheet 4 is really weird.

Were you doing it from memory?

No, I hadn’t really gotten started on it yet… That was just the rough draft on that sheet

Oh, okay! :)

Love this song. Glad someone’s continuing it.

Oh, and you might wanna let leife do a part of this song because he wanted to collab with me on this, so this will turn out as a 3 way collab.

Oh I didnt know leife was part of that…

It’s fine! Just make sure he gets a part in the song! :3

Lol! Larrot Guy

srsly, this song is amazing, only finish it

Sheet 4 - 5 sound nothing like the song. Maybe you should use this video to make the rest of the song. deadmau5 - Strobe (Live Version) [HD] - YouTube

wait…what? when did i sign up for this?

I thought you wanted to do strobe with me… ?