Suggestion: Microtonal Adjustment (Adjust via "cent" value)

My suggestion simply, is that in V3 or a later update of some sort, that we may have the ability to enter in our own note tune values, such as making quarter tones, or other microtones.

Example of quarter tones/micro tones: (Go to the second example on the right where it has “Double harmonic major scale with quarter tones” written under it).


What. brain explodes

Edit: I’m still not sure what this all means, but are we talking about double sharp/flat, triple sharp/flat, ect.?

Actually, I think he means lowering the pitch or making the pitch higher. Not by sharps or flats, and not by whole notes. Rather, making it go higher or lower by mere “cent’s”, which are really small units of pitch. If anybody here uses FL, they would get it.

Pitch bending? If so, I think that is a planned feature, but not right away. I could be wrong!

Edit: derp derp derp
Obviously I don’t know how to read

Edit 2:
Cool idea. Being able to do that, or place a note between C and C sharp could help with precision or with instruments that are off tune by just a little bit.

I’m not sure how effectively it would be used, but it sure would be fun to experiment with!

Hey! I don’t use FL and I know cents!