Suggestion: Pitch Shifting

I was looking over the v3 screenshots and songs, but didn’t notice anything in the instrument panel for pitch sliding. I was thinking it would work a little like this: you would select the note you start on, the note you wanted to end on, and then you could choose how far through the note’s duration it would start sliding. I really hope this has the ability to get added, as it would help in writing music quite a bit.


If V3 doesn’t do pitch bend, I’d suggest this:
Step One:
Download the .WAV of a song that contains just that note that you want to bend.

Step Two:
Bend the pitch in Audacity and save.

Step Three:
Put the note through the sampler and add it into the song.

portamento pls
u can always emulate a quick pitch bend by placing an quarter/eighth/sixteenth note before the note you want to end on, on a fast tempo (i.e. Violet Striker, Uehara, etc.)
of course, having it as a default addition would be nice … but as they always say, with limitations comes creativity


Starburst is working on it.


so like a trombone. this is a good idea

I believe this technique is referenced to as Pitch “Bending”.

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now I feel stupid. :confused: