Summer's Heat by carrot.

My first completely original song since… uhhh, I don’t know.

This song tells the story of the summer.

The first part of the song represents all the waiting for summer to get out.

The silence inbetween represents the realization of how free you are in summer.

The next part (dubstep) is the craziness at the start of summer.

The rock part is when you’re finally relaxing.

The next dubstep part is when summer is coming to the end, it’s almost school time.

The silence in between this part and the next part is the realization of how little time of summer you have left.

The classical part is when you’re at school. :frowning: Summer is over.

This song represents how quick summer is.


This is Koolio

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Good job Carrot!

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The dubstep part, oh god. I love that.
Hm… Am I the only person on here that actually doesn’t like summer that much? I actually enjoy school.


^ whos twisting your arm right now? Your History teacher?

No jking bro, thats cool that you like it!

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for I second I was like: ’
Armadeus, is that you?’

then I skipped a few pages and then I was like:

'Catrox, B) ’



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I like it, carrot! 5/5

But i want to hear a new Dubstep song from you.

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This is a new dubstep song from me. :slight_smile:

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Well there was 13°C in morning,and 18°C in the day.And there was raining for a week.Anywas that’s awesome!

I never thought I would see this kind of song out of carrot.

(Sheet 1)

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It actually sounds hot.



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omg a song on notessimo you can headbob to. omg.


I like it.

I like the Rock part & the Dubstep part!

I may enjoy summer, but i enjoy school too.

So no, Clearwater, you’re not the only person who enjoys school.

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Imagine what he/she could turn this in to with V3…

If you’re not sure of gender, look on a profile… The person may very well have their gender on it. So, I’m a guy. :wink: