(Super Fighting Robot) Mega Man

Anyone else want to tackle the various Mega Mans with me? Here’s a start.
Bubble Man’s Theme is giving me some trouble, can’t match the low sound well at all.
Ha Ha. Disregard that. Close enough.
Heat Man: somewhat mediocre, let it stand, let it stand!
Metal Man does look like a surgeon…
Okay! Taking a break from SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT. I’ll do the final four later.
I feel I need to explain this for those of you who don’t get the allusion, “Super Fighting Robot” is a line from the old Mega Man TV show theme song. I’ve only seen a few full episodes, but they are full of delicious plot holes, sexism (see Roll’s vacuum-arm attachment) and pseudo-innuendo. Look 'em up!


Great intro, or the greatest intro?
This a’int to shabby neither.
This one’s not so good, but I’ve already covered ~50% of the music in the game already, might as well do it all.

Flash, Crash, Wood and Quick. The Flash and Quick Themes are pretty good. Maybe I should have used the strat for all of 'em.

One more Mega Man. ?id=5974
Sorry about the multi-shares, I was thrice 'tarded whilst trying to share it.

Here is my first song here: an arrangement of Mega Man III’s title theme.


I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy Mega Man III!

out of all the maga man III songs iv heared yours is the best

Awesome! Now all you have to do is the robot master themes. All of them. I command it.

Well, you are in luck, because I am willing to take most videogame-related requests. Tomorrow, I shall begin work on Topman’s theme for a start, Moderator Hypo. (I mean, really, who doesn’t start with Topman.) By the way, calling you by Moderator Hypo kind of makes you sound like Earthworm Jim! 8-) Finally, after I do the robot master themes, (which are some of my favorite songs in the entire series) I shall do New Junk City. It’s nice to see a song bring smiles to peoples’ faces.

Well, here’s Topman’s stage. One down, seven to go!


Good, good! Shadow Man next then?

OMG that was AWSM i cant wait to hear the rest
please PM me on your progress

Yes, here it is right now. Personally, I think it is the best arrangement I’ve made, but if you prefer the other two songs, that’s cool too. It would be nice to hear which one’s your favorite. Without further adeau, Shadowman’s theme.


Holy crap Dr. Shaitso (funny/weird name, by the way)…you’re great at this. Keep up the good work

Well, Sparkman’s theme is here! This song was a whole lot easier than Shadowman’s theme. Enjoy!


(About my name, Dr. Sbaitso is the name of a really funny DOS program that you talk to. There’s an article about him on Wikipedia and a humorous tribute to him on X-Entertainment if you want to know more about him.)

This is the best the best the best. Keep up the outstanding work.

I cant rate that for the reason of that its not my kind of music
So for the oint of the remaking, Its definently a 5/5.

Magnetman’s theme is here. As a warning, this arrangement is a major deviation from my normal style. If you like my usual style, I can’t assure that you will love this one as much as my other arrangements. I did Magnetman’s theme as a piano duet with Elec Piano 1 playing melody, Rhodes Piano 2 playing counter melody, and both pianos sharing the bass part. Bron will probably enjoy this.


I say its pretty good!

Cool! It’s nice to see that I can still sound okay in multiple styles of music. I have got Hardman’s stage right here. Enjoy!


By the way, may I have permission to claim Megaman 5 and 6’s robot master themes after I’m done with 3, cause 3, 5, and 6 have my favorite soundtracks and I would really enjoy arranging their songs.

Great, great ,great! You can do whichever Megamans you want if you YouTube these immediately!