Super Mario Thread

A preview of things to come. . .

Do you know it?

Songs from video games!

I’m expecting some StarFox here…

The Mario RPG song is missing some parts Is it supposed to be like that?
and the Tetris song is still really cool! lol

Whatchu talkin bout Willis?
I did put more emphasis on the acoustic lines when the bass line is supposed to be louder, but then, I not 100% confident that I did the bass right.

When i try to listen to your song. The middle of it isn’t there. I don’t know if it’s because it didn’t load right, but yeah.
Who’s Willis? lmao

Remember the gool old days of the N64? im working on percussion still


What happened to the piano? 8-)
I had submitted tetris techno but put in the wrong id and i put in yours by accident. It had piano in that one…

this is the real instrument used in the game

i know but YOU used a piano i an earlier version.

This is the mario underworld song I did ok but I like the Vivi theme the best XD

what exactly is Super Mario RPG?

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES.
Must play. Find an emulator or wait until Nintendo stops screwing around and puts it on the Wii’s Virtual Console.

Yes I just checked it. The culex battle theme is the same as Boss battle theme in FF IV
I knew i had heard it before.

Before I listened to the Smithy battle here on notessimo, I didn’t even know there was Super mario RPG
Then i just had to find the Rom. But it wasn’t very easy to get. Most sites that seemed to have had something about ESA or something.
Finally i found it on some forum but i had to download 200Mb bunch of Snes games. And that was only games starting with Super…
200Mb to get 7Mb game (grumble…)
But it is great!

It’s one of the best Mario games made for the SNES! 8-) lmao
I still play it sometimes…although, thats kinda sad. But oh well. :D

Best Mario game on the NES.

Lower piano doesn’t sound great in 3 but oh, well
KdIuLdLeA: Did you ever get the Super Suit? Kicks ass.

Another great song Hypo. That is the best Mario NES game too. 8-) I love it.
And yeah, I belive I did in one of my files. lol I usually forget the names of the equipment, if it’s good, I use it.

Good job with that song Hypo. Keep it up 8-)

Now that you told me about the Super Suit…no, i haven’t gotten it yet. I think the highest amount of jumps I’ve gotten was about 60 or so.

6 measures of Mario awesome.

Edit: Reference:

Paper Mario boss song (Created) Listen to it. My 4th song.

Super mario RPG The forest maze