Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Menu 1

WARNING: Turn down volume. Otherwise, listen at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own this cover; I simply made it sound better. All rights go to ugothacked.

Original Arrangement


Funny, I just played Brawl for the first time today.

And I must say, this is EPIC.


Wow, really nice cover. 5/5 for whoever made this.

Amazing. 4.75/5
There wasn’t any bass drum, and at the height of the timpani parts, and some other parts there should be some.

AMAZING! 5/5 plus follow!

Makes me want to play brawl again. ;A; 5/5


Im not seeing “much” a difference between the 2 songs… what did you really change? (its seems you just took out a couple things)

I added trombones, extra trumpets and FH, some pizzicato, fixed the strings a bit. The most of my part were the trombones.

oh I see now.

I flipping love this.
You, sir, are a musical genius.

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Look who’s talking.

my friend and I were playing brawl the other day but the wii remotes were broke, So we played it with a Gamecube controller, (Like a breath of fresh air) It felt like it was MEANT to be played with that controller. Jolly Good Show Mate. :) 5/5

awesmazing :)

After 2 years of SSBB… You have refilled my soul ._. 5k/5

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